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his page features teacher/parent resources for teaching our children and community about the untold aspects of our ancestral history--from the legacy and gifts of our ancestors through to our stories today. Prepare for a journey from the cosmos to civil rights to the music industry.


For more in-depth curriculum on this as well as literacy & math skills, view/register for the I Am Sun program @

For an interactive experience of this information and much more,

Contact (240) 447-2983 or and be sure to check out other alternative, indigenous forms of education on our partner sites:)


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A long time ago.png
There was darkness.png
And from that darkness.png
Light 2.png
Great Beings.png
or Things.png
plants things.png
but our ancestors.png
astrology 102.png
astrology 101.png
Now these stars.png
would get closer.png
and closer.png
and even closer.png
Now special star 2.png
Now special star.png
Well they grew so big.png
and bright.png
explode supernova.png
leaves dark again.png
leaves all dark2.png
never died.png
resurrect 3.png
resurrect final.png
Sun and Planets.png
Planets and Sun.png
1 3rd Rock.png
2 3rd Rock.png
3 Rich Part of World.png
3 1 Rich Part of World.png
3a Rich Luscious Land.png
3b Rich Resources.png
4 Bredren up North.png
5 Differences POC and White.png
6 Cultural Diferences.png
7 Help them Learn Live.png
8 The 1st Choice.png
9 Gunpowder.png
9 b Fireworks.png
9 c bad gunpowder.png
9 d War.png
9 eEuro hit.png
10 Euro Colonization.png
11 Revolution Large.png
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